Sexuality vs. Sensuality, By Theodora Conrad


Let me let you in on a secret.  Being attractive has less to do with how you actually look and more to do with how you act.  That ‘it’ factor, that special something that leaves us breathlessly attracted to someone is…sensuality.  The ability to be sensual is within each of us.  It is a higher order art form that is practiced and crafted to perfection over a period of years.  Unfortunately, in modern times the art of sensuality has largely been lost and replaced by its vulgar distant cousin twice removed- sexuality.  The words sensuality and sexuality may appear to be similar but in actuality, they cannot be any more different.  In an attempt to describe this lost art form, we must in fact argue semantics and there is no way around it.  To understand the essence of sensuality, we need to understand sexuality and via comparison and contrast, identify…

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