Polish Vegetarians?



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Voltaire Quotes

“Nature has always had more power than education”

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I just love this guy. What a take on life!

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Learning Italiano The Lyrical Way


Don’t you just love that face!?
Nada Malanima Italian Pop n Rock singer, whom I first heard singing “Ma Che Freddo Fa” in 1967, when I was in Italy.
Trust me, when I tell you that I’ve never recovered from the impact that Nada’s delivery of this song, & the lyrics had on me.
The same impact that Elvis, or, The Beatles had on me when I first heard them.
I can listen to Ma Che Freddo Fa 10 times a day, except that those around me start to go nuts!
& any Italian that I can speak comes from listening to Nada. Jasmin Bleeth the actress said she learnt English by listening to Elvis.

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